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"I believe in designing and building spaces that are a reflection of your unique personality or professional brand" - Bethany Van Hecke

"We just finished another project with Design-Builder Bethany Van Hecke. Last year we remodelled our fitness studio space, and it won "Best Remodel 2013" on Houzz. We were thrilled with that project, so naturally we hired her again.

This year, we renovated and remodelled our small 1000 square foot residential condominium. Bethany provided realistic, artistic and contemporary solutions for all our space saving needs, and more. She was able to make every unused space in our home more efficient, and imporved the overall feel and look of the place. It is obvious that designer Bethany really understands how people use their spaces, and is able to find solutions to challenges all within stride, and with a contemporary edge. Our house has never looked or felt better!

Bethany is definitely a team-player, she is relationship with all the trades, and works well in client consultations. She is able to understand her clients, their needs, and provides confident direction when needed.

We are ultimately very happy with the service Bethany and the Design-Build team has provided, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours. 

Private Client | Comox Valley Interior Design
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"Design-Build is a method of construction delivery wherein the Designer, Builder, and Client embrace the opportunity to work as a team. Design-Build has gained in popularity in the residential, commercial, and industrial construction markets as an alternative to the Design-Bid-Build model. Design-Build is about working together to design and construct a project that represents the needs and wishes of the client. Design-Builders are a good choice for your project if you like being involved in your project. In my experience, Design-Build projects often result in lifelong friendships!"

Feasibility Studies 

Is this property that I am interested in leasing or buying suitable for my needs? Does it have the right zoning? Is it built to meet the needs of the end use?

What will the scope of the pre-design, design and construction services be? What will the process likely involve based on my needs?

What can I expect to pay to make my project a reality? What should I budget for design, engineering, permitting and construction?

"I worked with Bethany on a project for the owners of Ki Fitness and Health. They had a baby on the way and desperately needed more space in their Tin Town apartment. I've worked in construction for 20 + years and I don't think I could have come up with the creative solutions that Bethany did. The end result was amazing. Bethany had two - now three! - very happy clients.

Greg Coles - Vancouver island Carpenter and Home Builder
Aus Can Fine Carpentry
There is added value in working with experienced Design-Builders. 
Design and Build to Budget

Design-Builders work as a team in a collaborative relationship. The design and construction aspects of the project overlap to make the most of shared knowledge.

For example, the builder is involved in the design phase - providing feedback on methods and materials that can help keep the project budget on track. 

During construction, the designer stays involved as aspects of the original design are tweaked. If the budget needs to be addressed in the case of unforeseen challenges, the designer can bring creative solutions to the table as a way to ensure the clients needs are still being met. 

Team Work with a Positive Attitude

Let's be proud of what we build together. I believe that the best designers and builders are artists and that the process should be enjoyed to the fullest.

When challenges arise, a positive collaborative attitude can mean so much. In my experience, clients feel taken care of when they see a team providing solutions with enthusiasm and creativity. 

Give your clients peace of mind by working with a designer who understands the reality of the build. 
Design-Builders understand collaboration and enjoy teamwork.
D​esign is more than creating a beautiful space

Design-Build designers help clients start their projects on the right foot by understanding details such as structural changes, building permit process, and timelines. 

During the build, designers with knowledge of construction can offer their experience and creativity when it comes to problem solving.